Random Breakfast, Inc.
Based in Salt Lake City, Utah

Founding date:
May 31, 2015


Press / Business contact:



240 East Morris Ave. #100
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115



Random Breakfast is a mobile gaming company using health and wellness as a component of the video game experience.



The idea for the company started while Tim Cooley was working as a consultant for a health and wellness company. Tim approached Binoy Mohanty, a friend he met through the Entrepreneur Club at the University of Utah, with an idea to do health and wellness differently. With the help of Topher Nadauld and Eleora Nelson they decided to make video games and use health and wellness as a major component of the game experience. The original idea was to walk virtual pets, Tamagotchi style, but we learned quickly this wasn’t going to work. The team met weekly after classes and between work schedules to iterate on the original idea. After many ideas, they decided their first game, StepPets, would be a side scrolling runner with one touch mechanics. The team received early funds from Bench2Bedside and Get Seeded programs to help build the first prototype. The build allowed the team to compete as finalists in Games4Health and Bench2Bedside where they received multiple awards including funding from Zions Bank to continue the development of the game. After graduation, May 2015, the team was able to work full time on the game and company, Random Breakfast. A lot changed over the course of the summer, but the core concepts remained the same, build a fun game that used health and wellness differently. On December 1st, when StepPets launches, we will have completed this goal!


Jeff Peters - Jeff is a 25-year industry veteran, having founded multiple successful companies in his tenure, including the classic industry publication, “Electronic Gaming Monthly” in 1986. Jeff spent years working as a successful industry consultant and with other independent developers before serving over 8 years at Electronic Arts as Executive Producer and Studio Director. Notable launched franchises/titles include: Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, and Tiger Woods. He is currently working on his own titles, Boulder Dash®-30th Anniversary and Monkey King Saga.



StepPets - Gameplay Video YouTube

StepPets - Health YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Placed top 3 at Push Button Media." - Salt Lake City, UT, September, 2014
  • "Awarded $9500 from the Entrepreneur Club" - Salt Lake City, UT, December, 2014
  • "Placed top 10 in Opportunity Quest." - Salt Lake City, UT, Janurary, 2015
  • "Placed 1st in Business Model and 2nd in Game for Games4Health" - Salt Lake City, UT, May, 2015
  • "Won Media’s Choice Award at Bench2Bedside" - Salt Lake City, UT, May, 2015


  • Why develop a health game?
    "I have seen friends break controller, miss appointment and spend hours just trying to beat a level or enemy. Choosing to eat a salad or go to the gym never had this same type of impact. There is a willingness to participate in games that isn’t present in the health industry."
    - Tim Cooley

  • Why develop a health game?
    "Games are powerful. Health is important. It’s a great marriage."
    - Binoy Mohanty

  • Why develop a health game?
    "Healthifying games is going to become a new trend. Adults that are being more health conscience have always had games in their life to play. Adding a health component to games will be a welcome addition. Games have always been on the leading edge of technology and innovation, we are keeping the trend going."
    - Topher Nadauld

  • What is your favorite feature in StepPets?
    "I really enjoy making the new pets for the game. It's great to create characters with a distinct personality and look. But aside from the artwork, I really enjoy how our terrain generates. It is so exciting that steps can affect our game."
    - Eleora Nelson

  • What do you see the future of these types of games?
    "I think we will start a new industry. We are giving the 94% of players who never spend money on mobile games a new way to play their favorite games."
    - Tim Cooley

  • What do you see the future of these types of games?
    "I feel like the Health and Gaming industry work so well together. It's a market that is going to explode in the future."
    - Eleora Nelson

  • Why develop a health game?
    "Games are a powerful tool to teach new behaviors and habits. Taking a game and adding health components we can incentives the player to walk more by changing their gameplay experience. The player is in control of how hard or easy the game is."
    - Topher Nadauld

  • Inspirations for developing this game?
    "Jane McGonigal opened my eyes to the possibility of using games to fill the void where many different approaches have failed."
    - Binoy Mohanty

StepPets Game Website
Website with more information on about StepPets. http://www.steppetsgame.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Tim Cooley
Founder, CEO

Topher Nadauld
Founder, Producer

Eleora Nelson
Founder, Creative Director

Binoy Mohanty
Founder, Engineer

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